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The best security

The best security

with using MPC + FHE, INTMAX wallet is the highest security amongst other solutions.

Smooth onboarding

Smooth onboarding

No app, no extension, no seed phrase. The wallet works in any browser.

Smooth account sharing across devices

Smooth account sharing across devices

Users can use multiple devices for one wallet account.

The mobile wallet with near-hardware-level security.

A hardware wallet to manage my assets safely is ideal, but they are too expensive. INTMAX Wallet is the solution to that problem! We can provide the closest security to a hardware wallet among mobile wallets.

INTMAX Wallet utilizes MPC + FHE for top-tier security and privacy in digital transactions. MPC Backup Wallet allows secure and recoverable storage solutions via distributed trust systems. Usual Wallet Apps offer basic digital storage, prioritizing convenience over the advanced security of other options.

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The Best Security

The MPC wallet offers decentralized security, spreading risk across multiple parties to prevent single points of failure. It’s strong, yet less advanced than FHE.

While INTMAX wallet (MPC +FHE) is superior in confidentiality, allowing computation on encrypted data without exposing sensitive information, setting a new standard for security.

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Account Sharing
Across Devices

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Account Sharing Across Devices ensures seamless synchronization of your account's state, regardless of whether you log in from a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. This feature allows for a fluid transition between devices, maintaining your preferences, ongoing tasks, and history. It enhances productivity and provides a consistent user experience by keeping all your devices up to date with your latest interactions, making sure you never miss a beat.

Link Transfer

Transfer funds to others by sharing a wallet URL that contains the crypto.

It's a hassle to ask for the address every time you send crypto, isn't it? With the Link Transfer feature, you can send virtual currency just like sending a message on social media. How convenient it is to be able to send without even knowing the other person's ETH address!

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Available Networks

and 750+ of supported tokens